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[INQ. NO. 1703C30] Electric Scooter (MOYA1)
This small scooter can be easily carried in the trunk of a car or aboard public transportation. It is easy for anyone to replace the battery and the seat height can be adjusted to three levels at the touch of a button by anyone of any age. All the parts are made of durable, lightweight aluminum casting and with specially designed bolts and locking. MOYA1 makes no sound and will not rust or corrode easily. Its small, lightweight bodywork runs smoothly and the PAS mode creates great power.

Twelve-inch Wheel Foldable Electric Bicycle (MOYA2)
Portable Folding Electric Bicycle “MOYA 2” has been selected as an excellent product in the HIT500 project organized by the SMBA. As a one-touch, folding-type portable electric bicycle, it can be folded or unfolded within three seconds. Its main body is made of aluminum weighing 16kg and is mounted with a high-performance ultra-light weighted lithium ion battery of 1.9kg and the hub motor so that users can easily carry it. Its charge time ranges from three to four hours, enabling the users to ride 25km~30km. This bicycle works well on a 7 to 14 degree uphill gradient using the strong DC hub motor (36V 200W) and the PAS (Pedal Assistant System). This bicycle is able to easily climb a slope which is as gradual as a general underground parking lot. The bicycle is the ultimate urban commuting transportation, which can go almost everywhere so that you can use it in public transportations such as subway, trains or buses to reach your workplaces, schools and leisure sports. This portable folding electric bike can even lower the risk of having your bicycle stolen.

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