Hair Color & Treatment Oil

[INQ. NO. 1703C14] Saerom Cosmetics is a manufacturer of hair-care products such as hair dye, styling, perm, shampoo and hair treatment and distributes its products to hair professionals and wholesale dealers. With around 600 products approved by KFDA, the company has been certified for ISO 9001 and ISO1400. Saerom Cosmetics has an enterprise institute Natural Care Lab which offers OEM and ODM development possible technique. Its products are exported to the USA, Austria, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Blam deep EZ Bubble Hair Color contains naturally derived ingredients that offer excellent coloring results without allergic reaction even to sensitive scalps allowing for quick and easy application without mixing process. It also contains herbal extracts and various vitamins excellent for hair protection. The skin stability test was conducted by Ellead Skin & Bio Research Laboratory.
The long-lasting andnon-drip cream typed foam penetrates into and is coated on each strand of hair evenly and smoothly, ensuring superb hair coloring results. A variety of herbal compounds, clinically effective in anti-inflammatory or anti-allergic activities, help relieve itching or inflammation and reduce scalp irritation. Blam deep EZ Bubble Hair Color contains no ammonia, PPD, or MPD, so even those with sensitive skin can dye comfortably without any scalp irritation in the process of coloring hair. It helps minimize problems with colored hair while giving the scalp and hair a healthy look and provides conditioning effects through enriched herbal extracts such as rosemary, iris, sage, mugwort, plus vitamin C and vitamin E, which help minimize hair damage and keep the hair soft and healthy after coloring. Monaco Argan Oil Treatment, an alcohol-free treatment containing highly concentrated Argan oil (100% natural extract), is suitable for all types of hair and demonstrates the outstanding quality to restore damaged hair and improves elasticity. Monaco Argan Oil Treatment provides the great balance between oil and moisture to the optimum level and protects hair against all sorts of chemical treatments and external elements. Its excellent absorption gives hair a fine gloss, softness, and elasticity. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods