In Pursuit of Innovation of Home Cosmetic Devices

[INQ. NO. 1703C37] As interest in beauty increases, not only women but an increasing number of men now also care about hair removal.
CNS Co., Ltd. has introduced home care laser hair removal devices that can be used anytime and anywhere. Its products are stronger than those made with the conventional laser hair removal method using IPL which are commonly used in skin care shops. However, it selectively destroys only necessary tissues, so can be safely used since it causes less pain or burden on the skin.
The R&D team of CNS Co., Ltd. consists of former researchers of Samsung Electronics, while the entire process of development, research, manufacture, and production takes place in Korea.

IPL hair removal device for clear and smooth skin (SIPL-900)
SIPL-900, a representative product, can remove hair permanently to keep the skin smooth by using IPL six times on average and is economical since the replaceable cartridges make it possible to use it semi-permanently.
Its wide Xenon lamp monitor allows for quick hairremoval and removes hair and slows the growth by using a thermal effect of photolytic which activates cell division in the hair follicle itself. Unlike laser hair removal, highintensity flash lamps produce non-coherent light in the spectrum of ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths, helping to achieve permanent hair removal only by long-term use.
SIPL-900 has been approved by the Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA) for home use
In addition, the company is introducing SIPL-1000, which weighs just 200 grams, and SIPL-11 for hair removal and IPL skin care at the same time.

Light and small IPL hair-removal device (SIPL-1000)
This product for home-use weighs less than 200g, making it easy to store. It can be adjusted in five levels and has a wide monitor (3.0mm x 2.0mm) and dual power button for a safe use. Particularly, IOSICA’s products can be used immediately once connected to power without extra charge. In addition, SIPL-11 has 10-level control and autoirradiation mode, which allows quick treatment on large areas and can be applied for intended use by replacing lamp cartridges.
Apart from SIPL-1000, other products of the company that can be used for hair removal SIPL-1000, SIPL-900, SIPL-11, etc.

Safe and effective skincare & hair removal using patented AMP Technology (SIPL-11)
Beyond cosmetics, other home beauty devices such as IPL skin care devices, high-frequency massager are emerging one after another.
SIPL-11, a multi-IPL skin care device, enables the user to manage the body and the skin at the same time by simply replacing cartridges which reduce the need to use multiple devices.
The SIPL-11 can be adjusted up to 10 levels according to the skin tone and is equipped with a safe system to irradiate only on the skin. Plus, it can be changed into the autoirradiation mode of the handpiece by pressing the button for three seconds and it is convenient and easy to use.
Particularly Piskin (SRF-10) and Marble (SRF-200), both bipolar high-frequency devices, enhance the skin’s moisture retention with essential regenerative effect.
As high-frequency energy produces collagen in the dermis, it improves the wrinkles of those in their early twenties. This deep heat energy also destroys bacteria and is also excellent for improving acne.
High-frequency energy generates 40 to 42 degrees of heat on the dermis, which helps moisturizing and release toxins and waste products in the skin, thereby improving skin smoothness. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods