Kid’s Portable Toilet ‘Ulttong-e’

[INQ. NO. 1703C27] This portable potty chair, produced by Star Island Co., Ltd., a pioneering manufacturer of baby goods, can be easily folded and carried in a mother’s bag. Made of harmless and non-toxic silicon materials, its shape can be adjusted to fit the mother’s body, and young children with sensitive skin have no trouble using it.

Refill Liner:
The refillable liners for Ulttong-e’ are waterproof to keep the potty-chair clean after use by absorbing quickly and holding up the stool tightly to prevent leakage. It keeps the chair sanitary as with diapers while it can even be used as a playing toy. Furthermore, young children would not hesitate to use this product since it is decorated with 3D animal character designs.
Whenever and wherever your child wants to do his or herneeds, it serves as an excellent emergency item, without any concerns about germs or surroundings. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods