Makeup 3D Sponge (Blending Sponge)

[INQ. NO. 1703C18] S&P World Ltd., established on July 1, 2002, is a manufacturer and exporter esproducing all kinds of cosmetic sponges and puffs such as NBR sponge, SBR sponge, Polyurethane flocked foam puffs, cotton velour puffs, NR sponge, PVA sponge and NBR smudger.
It is suitable for makeup on fine spots or narrow areas such as the sides of a nose and philtrum and effective for wide areas such as forehead and cheeks.
With S&P World’s cosmetic sponges, natural and delicate makeup is possible as its flexible curves make perfect and close contact with any part of the face.

NBR Type
NBR sponge has strong covering ability and high durability that gives excellent resistance to oil-containing products. Most widely used for cream foundation, two-way cake, and skin cover, it can be selected in various shapes, colors and sizes and are processed with copper ion, antibacterial and UV treatment during production.

SBR Type
The SBR type sponges are less durable and tensile compared to NBR sponges and its oil resistance is also low. Nevertheless, it is widely used due to its cheap price.

Not suitable for cosmetics containing a large amount of oil component, it is mainly used and more suitable for foundation-type products since its rubbery features are highly evident and it exhibits excellent spreadability and sticks to the skin only when the skin feels slippery exhibiting excellent wearing ability. Various shapes, colors, and sizes are available. It requires copper ion, antibacterial, and UV treatment. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods