Mosquito Repelling Device

[INQ. NO. 1703C28] NAGANDA Mosquito-RepellingApparatus
In general, female mosquitos that have finished mating suck human blood to spawn. These spawning mosquitoes instinctively avoid male mosquitos. The portable ultrasonic electronic mosquito repellent, produced by DOOWON, naturally prevents female mosquitoes from approaching by generating the sound waves of the same frequency as the sound of the wings that a male mosquito makes. A natural enemy of the mosquito is the dragonfly which all mosquitoes are afraid of and thus never approach.

NAGANDA Mosquito-Repelling Apparatus
(Mosquito-Repelling System Using Digital Ultrasound Frequency) This is a portable mosquito-repelling system that converts the wing sound of a dragonfly, the natural enemy of a mosquito, into various digital ultrasonic frequencies. Most of the pre-existing products emit only analog ultrasonic waves of a single frequency, making it difficult to see any marked effect on variant mosquitos with increasing tolerance every year. Developed to solve such problems, this product is effective in combating mosquitos using analog and digital methods combined. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods