Natural Skin Care[INQ. NO. 1703C01] Ar & G Co., Ltd., a cosmetic brand founded in 2006, has been producing products for those seeking beautiful skin. Certified by ISO 9901, the company is proud of its quality management system and scientificprocesses.
Its brand, Juicy Bell, derived from the French words, “Je suis belle” meaning “‘I am beautiful” and written in English for easy recognition, aims to inspire consumers to discover their true natural beauty.

Timeless Gold
A home care treatment for pure gold therapy in the skin care room. The finely dispersed 24k pure gold (99.99%) emits skin toxins providing amazing lifting and resilience to the skin.

Timeless Classics
Timeless Classics can manage wrinkles with home care without having to regularly get Botox treatment. A highquality raw material called Botox that contains Botulinum Toxin Acetyl Hexapeptide provides wrinkle relaxation and enhances the elasticity of the skin while the effect lasts semi-permanently. This product also features a built-in patented silicon brush for massage, so you do not have to go to a skin care shop to seek home comfort.

Royal Gold Care
Jusibel Timeless Royal Gold Care enables one to easily enjoy pure gold therapy at home, the biggest trend in aesthetic treatment in the country. Finely diffused 24k pure gold (99.99%) releases toxins from the skin. Users can experience amazing lifting and firming effects on the skin. For a smooth absorption while massaging, in the meantme, using the silicon brush can double the effect.

Royal Classic Care
This lock-in cream fills nutrition, locks in oil and moisture and quenches the skin’s thirst as sticky, elastic high-enriched moisturizing cream gives nutrition and forms moisturizing layers on the rough skin. It also makes the skin healthy by restoring skin barriers and helps exfoliate ensuring smooth, soft, and tender skin. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods