Red Clay Smokeless Mugwort

[INQ. NO. 1703C31] Eoyeon Maru Red Clay Smokeless Mugwort uses only carefully selected natural mugwort and can be used by people who have mugwort allergies as it does not emit smoke or a strong mugwort odor. It is coated with red clay and does not stain the hands. As there are no ashes emitted, it can be used safely. Eoyeon Maru mugwort for moxibustion can also be used in moxibustion devices produced by other companies.

Royal Moxibustion Mugwort
Eoyeon Maru Royal Moxibustion Mugwort has a cylindrical form and combusts well. It transmits heat evenly from the beginning to the end of the treatment, when the mugwort filling has been completely burnt. Eoyeon Maru Royal Moxibustion Mugwort is even more effective when used in an Eoyeon Maru Royal Moxibustion Device.

What products does Eoyeon Maru manufacture?
Royal Moxibustion Device, Royal Moxibustion Device (3 holed-version), Mugwort Mortar, Half- body Fumigator, Moxibustion Bed, Royal Moxibustion Mugwort, Red Clay Smokeless Mugwort, and Powdered Mugwort.

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