Sap Patches

[INQ. NO. 1703C16] KJI Sap Patches are an easy-to-use healthcare product. Simply applying the KJI Sap Patches on the foot will help eliminate body wastes, improve blood circulation and promote recovery from fatigue recovery with no side effects.
The feet, in Oriental medicine, are called “the second heart” for being the reflective zones of the human body and with plenty of capillary vessels, autonomic nerves as well as meridian points on the sole. Sap patches have the same effect on the feet as acupuncture and moxibustion from traditional Chinese medicine. The sap patches added with rare earth metals generates far infrared ray, are receiving favorable responses from overseas buyers.

Manufacturing Process:
Wood heated in a charcoal kiln results in the vaporization of tree extract produced from the pyrolysis and emission of white gas. And a dark liquid called wood vinegar is extracted in the processes of condensing, rapid cooling and refining.
A combination of the natural wood vinegar extracted from oak trees or bamboo with a variety of healthpromoting ingredients, sap patches are wrapped in nonwoven fabric, making it easy to apply on the body. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods