Skin Care Products

[INQ. NO. 1703C13] Oracle Cosmetic Co. Ltd. is Korea’s largest oracle dermatology clinic group with 70 branches at home and abroad. In order to solve skin problems, Oracle established a cosmetics company with dermatologists’ participation.
After dermatology treatments, home care for maximum therapeutic effect contains dermatology science elements to continuously research and develop cosmetic products.

Dr. Oracle
Dr. Oracle is based on clinical study and research to maximize the effects of the treatment after dermatological treatments. Dr. Oracle is theprofessional who understands well how skin works to develop the best skin solutions to take care of fundamental skin problems.
Sold in 70 Oracle dermatology clinics all around the world, Dr. Oracle provides healthier essence to the skin and transforms problem skin into beautiful & healthy skin.

21;STAY Solution
Developed under the slogan ‘Stay in Your 20s Forever,’ this mild solution keeps the skin supple & moist and strengthens the skin barriers to maintaining healthy skin by balancing oil and moisture level.

Radical Clear, smart cleansing care, is a professional cleansing solution keep the skin clean and healthy inside and outside through balanced care.

Dermasys Solution
This quality mask is a premium and intensive skin care for clear and glowing skin by providing active ingredients with a systematic formula. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods