Various Sponges & Puffs

[INQ. NO. 1703C23] Founded in April 1991, JS Sponge Co. (C&B Products) specializes in manufacturing and supplying make-up sponges and puffs and supplies highquality products to celebrated cosmetic companies.
Its main products are make-up sponges, make-up puffs, cleansing sponges, powder puffs, air-cushion puffs, beauty blending sponges, and make-up brushes, etc.

N.B.R. Sponge/S.B.R. Sponge: It is a durable treatment that is oil-resistant, anti-UV, anti-copper and anti-bacteria and used for twin cake, skin cover & foundation.
Latex Sponge: Suitable for make-up artists and travel, this product has various shapes, colors, and sizes available, depending on the customer’s preference
Cotton Velour/Micro Fibre/Acrilic Powder Puff: It is for loose powder make-up. High-quality fabric materials have been carefully screened. Customized logos are available, either on the ribbon or reverse side.
Rubicell Sponge: A high-quality sponge for twin cake, skin cover & foundation.
Powder Dispenser: It is a multi-purposed dispenser (powder jar, compact case & mirror)
Toe Separator: It comes in various material, color, shape & size.
Cleansing Sponge: This sponge has an excellent water absorption and is reusable after being washed. It is made of various materials such as cellulose, p.v.a., urethane foam, filter foam ,etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods