Women’s Comfort Fashion Shoes


[INQ. NO. 1703C34] “While so many women look for high heels with comfort, why can no such product be found on the market?” Juanayoon, a ladies’ shoe brand started with that simple question, even though it is a contradictory idea that the beauty and comfort of high heels go together.

Through a long-term R & D program and persistent pursuit of scientific designs working hand-in-hand with handmade shoe masters, Juanayoon has developed and manufactured the shoes that simultaneously render unique visuals and comfort. After years of trial and error in development processes, Juanayoon has finally launched the brand in which beauty and comfort are in harmony.

Instead of settling for providing beautiful comfort shoes, Juanayoon staff members always seek new challenges with the aim to become a shoe brand like a chameleon that represents modern women who constantly transform themselves in various ways from one situation to the next.


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