Eco-Friendly Wallets & Bags[INQ. NO. 1704C37] ECOCNT Co., Ltd., the official distributor of DuPont™ Tyvek® in Korea, produces handmade wallets, eco bags, camping products, raincoats, mattress covers and nature-friendly goods. Its products are made of lightweight Tyvek® which is moisture permanent, waterproof, excellent in tensile strength, and chemical resistant.

What is Tyvek ®?
A flash spunbonded nonwoven fabric consisting of paper-looking hard and fabric-looking soft types, produced exclusively by DuPont™.
It is moisture-permanent, waterproof, dustproof and has higher strength-to-weight ratio than paper, with bright white color and smooth silky texture. Tyvek ® is good for printing, and it is environment-friendly.


CashTank® (Tyvek® Wallet) is a handmade wallet made of Tyvek® in three types – Billfold Wallet, Card Holder, and Passport Wallet. It is not torn easily despite the paper-like look.

CashTank®, in about 60 different designs, is Good for outdoor activities with excellent air-permeance and waterproof properties. It is also eco-friendly and 100% recyclable
Bags made of Tyvek® consists of Tyvek® Clutch Bag, Tyvek® Roll Clutch Bag, Tyvek® Zip-around Bag, Tyvek® Cross Bag, Tyvek® Ecobag, which are all ultralight with paperlike look yet with excellent tear strength.
And do you know that house dust mites live in mattresses, which are difficult to wash? Cloth covers cannot fully prevent pests and fine dust. Tyvek mattress cover, a certified functional product designed to prevent house dust mites and fine dust, could therefore be your perfect solution.
Tyvek® Mattress Cover, made of moisture-proof and air-permeable material, is waterproof and eco-friendly preventing dust mites, bugs and micro dust as well as asthma and atopy.


Other Tyvek® Products include camping and outdoor equipment such as tarps and sleeping bag covers, clothes such as raincoats and windbreakers, personal hygiene products such as portable waterproof mats, mattress covers, and pillow covers, as well as book covers. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods