Freeze-Dried Fruit Chips[INQ. NO. 1704C31] Naebro Co., Ltd., a well-known Korean confectionery company for children, has been producing quality food and snacks since 2011. Pureat Freeze-Dried Fruit Chips, its new product, was born with the goal of providing food by using only safe and healthy organic ingredients and without additives.
Unlike other fruit chips in the market, Pureat is made only by freeze-drying (quick drying at -40 ° C) without any additives to provide pure and soft texture. Also by peeling the fruits and removing their seeds, it preserves the original taste of fruits. Pureat comes in four kinds, made of at least seven-year-old apples and pears, and at least 12-monthold strawberries and bananas
In addition to Pureat, the company also offers 40 different kinds of baby snacks, ranging from the rice cakes for children as young as six months old to 12 grain snacks for 15-month-old children, even to grown-ups. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods