Innovative & Premium Aqua Shoes[INQ. NO. 1704C29] The trusted manufacturer Dicapac Co. Ltd. launched a new outdoor brand, Aqurun, in May 2015. DiCAPac is a company that has been producing waterproof cases for smartphones, DSLR cameras, tablet PCs, etc. since 2005. Based on its reliable business partnerships with clients worldwide, DiCAPac extended its ambition to develop the new product Aqurun, a premium aqua shoe brand. To achieve this, the company’s R&D department devoted two full years into coming up with the finished product.
Aqurun was created with the aim to overcome the disadvantages of pre-existing aqua shoes that allow water or sand to get intothem. By wearing Aqurun on the beach, however, one’s feet are free from sand, protected from various foreign substances, and safe from slips and falls. The specially designed drainage hole keeps the water out, and once out of the water, the water is instantly drained simply by turning over Aqurun. After outdoor activities, the shoes dry out within one day by gently squeezing with both hands. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods