Multi-functional Shoe Insoles[INQ. NO. 1704C03] Not many people are aware of the fact that discomfort of the feet can cause bad walking posture and eventually cause pain and disease even in other parts of the body. As many as 80% of the population experience pain in their knees, spines, hip-joints, and necks and you will be surprised to know that such pain is mainly caused by abnormal feet. It has been reported that four out of five Americans suffer from foot pain. Deformity of the feet causes imbalances and disharmony of the whole body by having a bad impact on the ankles, knees, legs, bott om, waist, etc. All the parts of our body are connected to one another like a chain.
Taking note of this, BMsys co., Ltd. has developed various kinds of high-quality functional insoles and tries to capture the market share which is currently held by Japan, the United States, and Germany by focusing on research and development of shock-absorbing functional insoles.

BIBAL insoles relieve pain by absorbing shock effectively by using the soft Polyurethane (PU) gel. Aroma is added to provide good scent. Having antimicrobial and deodorizing eff ects with the aroma added, they are more comfortable to wear compared to other material such as silicone, EVA, PE, etc. No deformation occurs even after long time use.
For the BIBAL Golf, an inclination is designed toward the outside at the left and right side of the insole, which helps to prevent shaking of the body when performing backswing and downswing. After a round of four hours, the most hurting part is the heel and metatarsal. For the BIBAL products for sports and the military, two diff erent types of gels with two types of hardness are inserted in the high-pressure area to absorb and disperse the shock and reduce foot fatigue.
Feet Guider, a new product of BMSYS, enables measuring of the physical balance between the right and left half of the body using two sensors on each side through automatic recognition of walking, running, and cycling, and of the number of steps, distance, and calorie consumption as well as real-time activity checks via Bluetooth connection to a mobile phone. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods