Premium Cutting Board

[INQ. NO. 1704C04] As a premium lifestyle company for kitchen appliances and cookers, BORN&MADE was founded in 2014. BORN&MADE and its products are attracting many buyers and consumers with multifunctional and stylish designs.
Selected as a “Good Design Selection” according to the Industrial Design Promotion Act, BORN&MADE was also chosen as a producer of “Global Premium Living Goods” by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy in 2015. In particular, the Cutting Board Sterilizer (Model UV-D100) has acquired CE, KC certificate and CQC certificate will be acquired in May 2017. BORN&MADE strives to always provide the highest-quality products for cooking.

Using ultraviolet lamps and a high-tech heating system, BORN&MADE Cutting Board Sterilizer(UV-D100, UVD200) ensures the best disinfection rate. Up to five knives or scissors can be sterilized with cutting boards at the same time. It has an outstanding 99.9% disinfection rate in 30 minutes, and the device runs automatically every five hours to sustain disinfection. (30-minute sterilization / 90-min heating system)
Thanks to the BORN&MADE Cutting Board Sterilizer, customers can focus their time and energy on other things, without ever worrying again about whether or not their utensils are clean enough. Under the O.E.M system, it has been exported to customers around the world.

BORN&MADE TPU Cutting Board Set has been developed to improve cut resistance and antimicrobial activity. These thinner and more flexible cutting boards ease the transferring of contents to cooking or storage containers. Furthermore, index-styletabs help prevent crosscontamination between food groups.

BORN&MADE Nylon Kitchen Utensil Set is a new product for the 21st century with its simple and modern design. It consists essentially of four different types of kitchen utensils. (Slotted Turner, Ladle with Square Bowl, Pasta Fork Ladle (Pasta server), Slotted Stir Fry Spatula).
This utensil set is made with plastic handles and highquality nylon heads, and it helps keep the kitchen messfree while cooking. Its sleek and fashionable design provides the finishing touch for a luxurious and modern kitchen. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods