Automatic Laundry Drying Rack[INQ. NO. 1704C08] After its founding in 1987, Dae Yeon Co. Ltd. has been occupying almost 90% of the Korean market for lighting torsos, rotating display stands, rotating light role posters, etc. and is exporting them to overseas markets.
Wellex, an automatic laundry drying rack developed in 2000, can be conveniently used with a remote control or a wall switch, and its built-in fans and lights help dry the laundry. Also, the removable drying rods can dry large laundry items such as blankets as the length can be adjusted from one meter to two meters depending on the balcony environment. Made of stainless steel (SUS304), the drying rod does not rust.
Wellex is easy to be installed and exposed. Other advantages of the product include securing balcony views, efficient use of residential space, and easy access for anyone, including children, the elderly, and the disabled. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods