Cute & Handy Smartphone Holders[INQ. NO. 1704C25] Supertember Inc., founded in 2016 as a lifestyle brand, manufactures small exclusive products with sleek designs and smart functions. The company has its own design center and high production capabilities in Seoul, Korea which can supply products on request. Its main product is the smartphone holders with special designs including Crekoo Free Wing, Magic Ring, and Dolphin. After analyzing more than 100 different types of fingers, the company’s R&D team has figured out an optimum grip suited to anyone.
Crekoo Free Wing and Crekoo Magic Ring are practical, smartphone holders in stylish and humorous designs. Free Wing is the world’s first wing-shaped holder and Magic Ring is a diamond ring-shaped holder designed for a better driving and mobile experience. Neither product needs an additional hook, and can simply be placed on the car’s air vent. Its patented easy finger handling and secure grip style is safe from dropping, and also the patented hinge system offers long-term durability.

Crekoo Ring and Crekoo Free Wing are super-light but can hold up to 6 kg. With the aid of the premium hinge system, one needs not use your hands to watch videos or play mobile games on tablets or iPAD.
The company’s brand-new item Crekoo Dolphin is to be launched in April 2017. Made from durable, high-quality materials, this cute mobile holder in the shape of a dolphin tail is an exclusive product with creative design concept. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods