Eco-Friendly Ceramic Filter[INQ. NO. 1704C28] Wellos Korea Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in chopping boards, natural ceramic balls, fresh balls, washing balls, fresh bags, etc.
Kitchen Ceramic Filter is a four-step water treatment system, the only product of its kind in the country. Applicable to all types of kitchen faucets, it dechlorinates the water while passing through three different types of ceramic balls to transform the tap water into functional mineral water, with the sediment filter filtering out rust and floaters in the first phase of the filtering process.
It can be replaced simply by inserting the filter into the existing kitchen hose without using any special tools. Its visual indicator reminds the user of the time for a replacement. The far-infrared radiation and anion balls containing calcium-based ceramic balls break the water into smaller particles, then the water containing calcium removes pesticide residue from vegetables and fruits.
It has economic feasibility with double hydraulic pressure reducing water consumption by half and can be installed anywhere. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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