Nano Soap & Shampoo[INQ. NO. 1704C27] The 21st century, an era of global transformation, with a large part of the world population aging while we witness a mixture of advanced countries with high national income, developing countries that seek to raise their national income by attracting foreign investment with their cheap labor, and underdeveloped countries still suffering from hunger and diseases.
Regardless of such changing times, UNOCOS CO., Ltd. has developed various products to enhance the quality of life based on nano-biotechnology convergence technology (NBT) for the past six years, and even before its establishment
UNOCOS develops and manufactures nano-bio antibacterial soaps, anti-dandruff and anti-hair loss shampoos, and cosmetics for atopy by using natural materials, nano materials, and nano-bio fusion technology. Its products are in the process of obtaining the approval from the U.S. FDA, the Japan Health and Welfare Register, and China’s sanitary certification.

Dr. KKAM Nano Bio Anti-microbial Soap, developed by nano technology, contains sunberry extract (Solanum nigrum L.) and organic natural herbal ingredients and helps relieve acne, sensitive, and allergy affected skin. With exceptional moisturizing effects, it keeps the skin soft and resilient after facial cleansing.
Phyllis Golden Hair Shampoo & Hair Essence consists of the subtle fragrance of natural herbs and marine plant extracts to supply nourishment and strengthen elasticity of hair roots for healthy hair and prevention of hair loss.
It prevents scalp damage from UV rays through its outstanding detergency and hair coating effect and effectively calms sensitive scalp troubles for lustrous hair. It especially calms dandruff or boils on the scalp.
h2Happy Hair Shampoo & Hair Essence containing natural herbs and marine plant extracts protects and soften the scalp and hair. It also supplies nourishment and resilience to hair to make damaged hair healthy and lustrous.
h2 Baby Line contains more than 95% vegetable ingredients such as mung bean, green tea, allantoin, etc. It makes sensitive and troubled skin moist and smoothened. Also, it has excellent efficacy in treatment of atopic dermatitis and relieving itching.
h2Happy Face Moisturizing Soap contains hollow nano silver-silica structure (patent No. 10-0876914) with rich lather eliminates skin wastes or makeup residue. Organic germanium in special form provides outstanding moisturization to keep the skin soft and resilient after facial cleansing.
h2+l_ine contains hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan great for skin moisturization to keep skin soft and smooth. Also, its dual complex function provides outstanding whitening and wrinkle diminishing effects.
MIXORAN Line contains arbutin and adenosine to brighten and clarify skin tone and helps reduce wrinkles. It also cares for dryness and roughness by moisturizing and firming skin. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods