Specially Bred Packaged Seeds

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1704C22] Omicsis, Inc. is a biotechnology company specializing in bioinformatics. “Omicsis” is a compound word comprised of “omics” referring to a comprehensive field of study in life sciences and “systems,” and can be interpreted as “a business that handles biological information.” By using biological resources information, the company develops new technologies and products required in many areas including medical and agricultural science. Especially in the seed industry market, Omicsis, Inc. is growing into a global company that manufactures innovative products with its patented technologies.
Seed Packaging Technology is a patented technology of Omicsis to support plant factories, seedling nurseries and urban agriculture. Sowing is done simply by putting Seedmo® on the surface of the soil and spraying water.

Seedmo® is a patented coin-type packaged seed created by Omicsis, which makes the planting and sowing process considerably easier. Simply put the Seedmo® on the surface of the soil and spray water, then wait for it to sprout. Seedmo® enables the automation of seeding small grains so that seeds can be sowed directly in the growing pots in plant factories. It also facilitates germination by helping the seeds stay hydrated while promoting the constancy of germination conditions, easy and effective distribution and storage of seeds (Unit packaging of fine seeds is possible through Seedmo®), thus saving labor costs for seeding and seedling.
The main products produced by using Seedmo® include Cornuco®Easy Gardening, Cornuco® Farm Bella, Seedmo® Take-Out Garden, and Seedmo® Seedling Starter Kit.

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