Artificial Fur Fabric, “LUSTROUS FUR[INQ. NO. 1705C07] Company Profile: A progressive and dynamic enterprise, Kyungwon Co., Ltd. manufactures artificial fur fabric. The company has succeeded in producing the highest domestic output of artificial fur, largely due to its outstanding level of product quality and a smart global business marketing strategy.
With a joint development with Kaneka corporation, Kyungwon has realized innovation of touch and shedding for manufacturing Lustrous Fur, which has obtained Korea’s first international patent in this field.
As notable achievements, Kyungwon has improved production efficiency with the introduction of its ONE-LINE (125M), the longest in Korea, and has enjoyed growth by realizing “design-oriented management” thanks to its qualified R&D team.
Based on decent reputation and proven quality, Kyungwon is constantly widening its territory in not only faux fur, but also in the business with global SPA brands.
Main product description: Lustrous Fur is a fur-like fabric made of a high-quality material, Modacrylic Kanecraon fiber.
Utilizing the unique characteristics of the Kanecaon fiber, Lustrous Fur intelligently expresses the most luxurious and authentic animal-like touch and appearance.
It has been made possible thanks to Kaneka’s very original finishing method which does not compromise rich fur volume, touch and shine of the fabric. This finishing method allows for great variation in the type of fabric as imagined. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods