Breastfeeding & Breast Milk Supplies[INQ. NO. 1705C59] Boryung Medience Co., Ltd. is a “Total Life Care” company covering every stage from pregnancy, to childbirth and child caring for babies and moms. Boryung Medience has been supplying clinical and scientific products for babies with integrity for the past 37 years and leads the Korean industry for baby care. It has conducted the “OLGODEN Baby Care Campaign” aiming to produce safe products for babies and put a logo called “Aiege (meaning ‘to babies’ in Korean)” on all its entire products indicating they are free from about 30 harmful substances potentially affecting the health of babies in an effort to ensure that consumers can fully trust the safety of our products.

UPIS Breastfeeding Products
The word UPIS originated from one of the Greek gods, the goddess of birth. UPIS is a brand specialized in breastfeeding products with the aim to provide a happy childhood by assisting the loving intimacy between mother and baby.
All of its baby bottles are made from materials, safe for babies and toddlers, which include PPSU, PES, and PP glass. Made of material as soft as a natural breast, the soft nipples prevent babies from being confused. UPIS nipples are recommended by the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (KAPD).
UPIS has been verified as safe for infants with the Safety mark issued with excellent heat tolerance and impact resistance and can be safely disinfected with hot water. Nipples are made of the material as soft as a natural breast with over 90% success rate of mixed breastfeeding
UPIS PES and PPSU bottle are made of P6S, PPSU materials which are safe for infants. Recommended as an Excellent Product by K-Consumer Report, its nipples are made of the material as soft as a natural breast with over 90% success rate of mixed breastfeeding. It is safe for disinfection with excellent heat tolerance
UPIS Glass Bottle is safe for disinfection with hot water and steam sterilization. It is made of thin, lightweight borosilicate glass which is safe for infants and has excellent heat tolerance. Silicone sleeves are included for even safer use
Disposable Baby Bottle makes it easy to feed anytime, anywhere. The bottles and PE wrappings are made of safe materials for babies and toddlers whereas the nipples are made of material as soft as a natural breast with over 90% success rate of mixed breastfeeding. The disposable plastic bags in the package eliminate the hassle of washing bottles.
UPIS Nipple, a soft cross-cut type nipple designed for mixed breastfeeding, and SoftClean Nipple are both made of silicone material safe for infants with over 90% success rate of mixed breastfeeding (Resulted from research with 100 zero-to-12-month-old infants). The air valve system on the bottom of the nipple prevents unnecessary air inflow during breastfeeding for the anti-colic purpose. The texture is as soft as a mother’s breast, non-sticky, and elastic like a mother’s breast to give the baby emotional stability.
Electric Breast Pump is equipped with LCD display showing the remaining battery life while using the device. Having a 2-in-1 function of massage and pumping, it is turned off automatically after 30 minutes of operation while its three-dimensional structure prevents the backflow.
Other products include Disposable Nursing Pads, Breast Milk Bottle, Breast Milk Storage Pack, and Nipple Protector. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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