Delicious Fruit Chips

[INQ. NO. 1705C41] Since 2008, Hephzibah F&B has been producing dried fruit chips made from fresh fruits such as pears, apples, persimmon, strawberries, figs, grapes and bananas using a low-temperature drying process that has the least risk of breaking the ingredients. Using 100% fruit without any additives, this venture is leading the domestic fruit chip market introducing products that allow one to enjoy the aromas, colors, shapes, and tastes of fruits any time of the year under its own brand name.
Made from 100% pure fruits, Abishag Fruit Chips are made from only fully ripened fruits rather than those producing juice or fallen fruits while seeking absolute differentiation from selection to all the processes to follow. This product does not contain any additives, spices, or sugar to enhance taste, aroma, and color, and fully ripened fruits are processed when they are in their freshest and most delicious state.
In order to produce the best-quality products, most of the processes are carried out by hand, and each slice of the fruits goes through the process of drying carefully to make it easy to eat, carry, and preserve in a clean and hygienic manner.
Abishag Fruit Chips contain no added sugar, preservatives, spices, and artificial colors! They are only dried with 100% real fruits! | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods