Freshness-keeping Active Packaging[INQ. NO. 1705C40] Hangreentech is a leading packaging company that develops new bio-material and packaging. To develop the advanced materials and freshness-keeping packaging, the company worked together with SNU (Seoul National University) and KIST (Korea Institute of Science Technology) for years.
Traditional packaging is “passive packaging” that just protects packed foods from pollution or physical damage whereas ViVifresh™ active packaging produced by Hangreentech has an extended protective function and keeping the freshness of the packed foods or preventing ethylene gas, oxygen, fungi, bacteria, and moisture.
The core material for the active packaging developed with patented technology is AR-34 (Anti-Rot 34), a complex composite containing multi-functional natural inorganic material. All its active packagings such as PP films, stretch wrap films, pads, and bio-fresh trays are made with ‘AR-34 series’. Using the active packaging impregnated or coated with AR-34 ensures customers prolonged storage and shelf life for fresh produce through combined effect of ethylene removal, modified atmosphere (CO2 and O2), humidity control and anti-oxidation. Especially, another patented material ‘AR-HAP’ restrains bacteria and fungi from proliferating in the process of food storage.
ViVifresh™ active packaging extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, reduce the loss of fresh produce during distribution by adopting the bio-materials by using the patented technology. It also removes the ethylene gas (C2H4) to ripen, suppresses the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, minimize the dehydration and weight loss, and decrease the loss of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods