Functional Cosmetics with Whitening & Wrinkle-Reducing Effects[INQ. NO. 1705C62] Celltrion Skin Cure, founded by the global bio pharma company Celltrion, is an exclusive beauty company that produces cosmetics for wrinkles, whitening, reclamation, and humectants. Through its own world-class biotechnologies, Celltrion Skin Cure has been introducing new high-functional cosmetics aiming at “Skin Cure” beyond “Skin Care.” To meet all customer needs regardless of age and gender as well as categories, the company offers four brands including CELLCURE, a brand created to meet all customer needs, a men’s wear brand DearSir, a baby & family brand Peaufinee, and a make-up brand HANSKIN.
In addition, Celltrion Skin Cure plans to continue investing in R&D, including establishing factories to develop differentiated products. It also has plans to expand its business to the global market based on its global network.

CELLCURE is a functional skincare product made from Celltion’s exclusive patented ingredients. After thousands of trials and errors, the company created revolutionary new substances to provide fundamental skin improvement.
Duo-VitaPep ™ is a dual-functional new material providing both whitening and wrinkle-improving effects. G7even ™ is a wrinkle-functional new material that cleanses wrinkles by using the plant energy extracted from the gyno stemma that grows wild on Ulleungdo, an island 120 km east of the Korean Peninsula. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods