Gift Set of Gyeongsan Herbal Jujube[INQ. NO. 1705C38] Jujube is a reddish brown fruit in an oval shape and has a sweet taste when ripened red. Despite its small size, jujube is excellent in its efficacy. For instance, it is good for blood circulation, so in Korea, people with cold hands and feet drink infused jujubes as tea. In addition, jujube extracts toxins from the body which helps to recover the liver function if taken long term, and it discharges waste materials so it is also good for those who wish to lose weight, If eaten raw, vitamin C intake from jujube is more than citrus, so it is also good to prevent a cold.
More than 40% of Korea’s jujubes are produced in Gyeongsan, a south-eastern city of South Korea. The region is suitable for jujube cultivation as the soil is fertile and it has lots of sunshine. Moreover, unlike other jujubes harvested in an unripe state and pass through a postmaturity process, the jujubes produced in Gyeongsan are harvested when they reach their peak in tastiness in nature. Besides, chemical fertilizer is not used. Daegu, a neighboring city of Gyeongsan, has a famous medicinal products market. Herbal medicine is used as manure of compost, and as a result, the jujubes produced in Gyeongsan have good taste and good nutrition. The gift set contains dried jujubes made by nature in Gyeongsan and naturally dried under the sun, jujube extracts infused only by water and jujubes with strenuous efforts for long hours, crisping jujube chips with no additives, and jujube-fermented vinegar made with high temperature and abundant sunshine in Gyeongsan.
Gyeongsan Farming Association was established by bringing together more than 80 forestry craftsmen. The organization is responsible for jujube production in Gyeongsan. It was founded in 2008 and it consists of a representative director, six directors, and 115 members. The products made by the Gyeongsan Farming Association are Gyeongsan herbal jujubes. Its product was awarded the Forestry Prize by the Minister of Agriculture in 2014 and the Grand Prize in the 15th Korea Herb Expo. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods