Grain Powder (Zen Food)[INQ. NO. 1705C52] Sunshik (dry grain food) is a healthy food that Buddhist monks used to eat during their ascetic practice. It is made with seven kinds of grain, namely brown rice, glutinous rice, barley, black bean, black sesame, perilla, and yulmu (Job’s tears). As interest in personal health and well-being has increased since the 1980s, the range of raw materials such as vegetables, nuts and seaweeds has been expanded to steamed and fried powder products, and modern manufacturing methods are being developed. It is easy on the stomach, and it contains fiber, vegetable oil and is flavorful, and is thus becoming popular as a convenient substitute food for modern people.
Taekwang Foods was established in 1979 and has been producing around 100 products such as various kinds of misugaru (grain powder) and Zen food over the past 30 years. It opened its stores in 150 locations including major department stores (Lotte and AK, etc.) as well as shopping malls. Now you can enjoy a healthier life with Zen food (special herbal meals) made with a wide variety of over 49 different grains and herbs providing various advantages.

FARM79 is a premium zen food brand developed through the company’s 36 years of know-how. It is a bottle-type convenience food. Containing a balanced amount of flour, one can enjoy it conveniently by simply adding milk, water, or soy milk in the bottle up to the marked line and shaking to mix. It comes in various flavors and types. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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