Home Vacuum Food Sealer

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1705C60] All Pack Korea Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing home vacuum food sealers, machine, vacuum packing materials, food and agricultural packing materials with 30 years’ expertise in packaging. In recent years, it has been producing products made of multilayer film equipped with high air-blocking and antimicrobial functions.
Happy Lock vacuum sealer produced by All Pack Korea adopts a suitable packing bag to
remove the inside air which is the main cause of food decay and to prevent air penetration from the outside while helping preserve the food for a long time.
It is equipped with a low-noise high-performance motor with quiet and fast vacuum power, slim design as well as a built-in magnet that enables the user to attach the product to the refrigerator for convenient use.
The special air valve makes it possible to vacuum seal ordinary plastic bags, And with the roll type vacuum wrapping paper in the package can be easily used and kept. Meanwhile, Happy Rock is very convenient for storing foods in small quantities separately and safely carrying foods when traveling and camping, and preserving the leftover food fresh.
Although the size is small, its vacuum packaging function is highly effective, for it can even vacuum seal a normal plastic bag using the air valve. The gasket rubber packing protection system has improved the stability of the equipment, extended its short lifespan, and drastically reduced the risk of failure. In case of storing large or bulky food, the envelope holding bar can be used to hold the inlet part so that proper vacuum packaging is possible. Happy Rock’s exclusive vinyl pack can be used for any models as well.

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