Induction Cap Sealing Machine[INQ. NO. 1705C53] Trueseal Corp is specialized in manufacturing induction cap sealing machines, which can seal the lips of all kinds of plastic bottles such as PE, PP, PS, PET, and multilayer, as well as glass bottles. It supplies induction cap sealers, induction capless sealers, induction pick & place sealing machines. The system is compact and competitive in quality and price, supplies the local market, and exports to many countries.
The high-speed air-cooled Induction Cap Sealer Model OSTS3000A, recently developed in a module-type targeting overseas markets, is lighter than other seals in the world. The sealing range is 20-120mm and equipped with replaceable heads, it is designed for efficient follow-up management. The OSTS3000A air-cooled sealer is compact, lightweight, and high-speed. The system can cover a speed rate of Max. 600bpm and allows long-term cost savings. Moreover, the system is fully guaranteed for three years.
OSTS3000A comes in manual type, automatic type, air cooled, and water-cooled type. The innovative sealing coil can seal a sealing diameter of 20-120mm needing only one sealing head without any additional parts. And the entire system is composed of modularized parts that are designed for easy operation and control. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods