Kitchen Microbe Detergent[INQ. NO. 1705C63] The majority of the sewage currently in use is living sewage, and the starting point of living sewage can be kitchen sinks. Smile Sink Cap produced by CHEONG SOO E&S is an environmentally friendly microorganism-containing product that is unprecedented. It is a new-concept, eco-friendly product that eliminates odors of kitchen sinks caused by food wastes, grease, and water.
It can be easily used by putting the microbial detergent in the block basket, turning it into the cap, and fitting it into the sink drain. A block (microbial detergent) lasts for about one month although the replacement cycle may be shorter or longer depending on the number of families and the frequency of washing dishes. To keep the product clean for a longer period, it is recommended to clean the drain hole before using the cap.
Smile Sink Cap contains nature-friendly microorganisms that cannot be found in pre-existing products.
With the name CHEONG SOO meaning “pure and clean water” the company was established in 1996 when the dairy fat resolvent using domestic microorganisms was first introduced in the industry. In 2000, it transformed into a corporation and played a leading role in the transparency of business management and development of microbiological technology. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods