Natural Fermented Citrus & Pineapple Vinegar[INQ. NO. 1705C33] The Tangerine Vinegar and Pineapple Vinegar, produced by the natural fermented vinegar manufacturer CHOHARU, are made from Jeju-grown tangerine and pineapple by fermenting the juice with no single drop of water mixed in it.
This vinegar products are naturally fermented using only 100% hand-peeled tangerines and pineapples produced on Jeju Island of Korea without mixing any purified water or vinegar starter (synthetic vinegar). It has been aged after fermenting twice the raw materials, other than vinegar produced in a short period using rectified alcohol such as brewed vinegar for over 90 days or more. Only tangerines with sugar and yeast used for fermentation are used with no artificial synthetic additives.
The tangerine and pineapple vinegar helps keep the intestines healthy, prevents constipation, and is good for skin care. It also helps lose weight by suppressing the absorption of fat. Vitamin C contained in the tangerine and acetic acid in the vinegar are combined to enhance the body’s immune system as well. It is not only good for arteriosclerosis but also helps to relieve fatigue. Helping to absorb calcium, this fermented vinegar is good for persons of all ages.
Jeju tangerine and pineapple vinegar can be used for cooking or one can drink it by diluting with five to 10 times more water or sparkling water according to one’s preference. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods