Premium Ginseng Products[INQ. NO. 1705C49] SamDawon Co., Ltd., a farm corporation that owns a ginseng farm, produces wild ginseng Gongjin-dan (GJD) ─ a traditional multi-herbal medicine − and wild ginseng Gyeongokgo − a restorative herb medicine, known to be one of China’s three greatest medicines. These ginseng medicines are produced using traditional techniques based on the manuscripts on medicine and pharmacy listed in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register and the prescription from Donguibogam: Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine (Korea’s Treasure No. 1085).
SamDawon ‘s patented fermentation technology has excellent therapeutic effects as it increases the absorption rate of saponin, which is the main pharmacological component of wild ginseng. It produces a large supply of Compound K and special active saponin Rg3 Rh1, which are produced only during the fermentation process. The efficacy of Compound k is very diverse, such as protection of the liver from toxic substances, anti-cancer effects, skin protection, as well as inhibition of neurodegenerative diseases and tumor growth. Fermented ginseng saponin produces soap-like bubbles, cleans impurities by circulating throughout the body, stimulates the inactive immune system, and prevents stress and fatigue.

CHANG MANSOON FAMILY Gongjindan and Gyeongokgo produced by SamDawon are currently sold in airline duty free shops as well as Shilla Duty Free Shop and SM Duty Free Shop, etc., and are popular gifts for global VIPs. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods