Specially Blended Tea Bags

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1705C48] Do you still drink tea aids with no real tea in it? Don’t be fooled by the tea aids made only with syrup or synthetic flavor. Rather enjoy the deep flavor of the extract of real tea leaves and herbs.
Look Our Tea, produced by Resh Co., Ltd., is a tea bag that retains the tea leaves without crushing them in order to maintain the original taste and aroma of tea leaves. Using carefully selected tea leaves and herbs from all over the world, this Korean casual tea brand offers a wide range of specially blended teas bringing totally new flavors and aromas to tea-lovers. It contains 72% of real tea extract.
This product is produced through a one-stop system from manufacturing all the way through to logistics. The company’s own design laboratory is proud of creative and rapid design development, producing a variety of designs ranging from package designs to graphic designs and web designs.
With its creative and original blending expertise and know-how, the company’s R&D labs specializes in developing the special blending recipes to introduce products tailored to customers’ preferences.
It also uses a healthy and safe PLA filter. PLA fiber is made by condensation polymerization of lactic acid that is produced while fermenting starch from grains including corn. Since it tends to decompose into water and carbon dioxide by microbial activity after use, it is suitable for meeting living environmental standards.


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