Uniforms & Accessories for Restaurant & Kitchen Workers

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1705C51] Somang FnC LLC. manufactures and sells food industry workwear, chef coats (jackets), aprons, headwear, shirts, pants and neck scarfs for restaurant and food industry workers. The company manufactures self-designed apparel and accessories in its production lines in China and Vietnam, and supplies its products to over 160 uniform retailers and leading franchises in Korea under its own brand name “I Team Cook.” With the technology built for a long time in cooperation with many customers, Somang FnC became the first in the industry to obtain a Certificate for Venture Company in Korea.
Its main products are functional apparel and hygienic clothes. Performance Chef Coat, introduced in 2014, is Korea’s first of its kind. This three-dimensional pattern chef coat is sweat-repellant and elastic as it is made of cool span material for the armpits and backs. It is designed for kitchen workers and chefs to work comfortably in high temperatures and high humidity. Thanks to the success of Performance Chef Coat, the company introduced a food industry workwear product with a three-dimensional pattern using the cool span fabric for the first time in Korea in 2016. Now, food factory workers can work more comfortably, wearing clothes with enhanced breathability and elasticity.
In addition, Somang FnC LLC. has a wide range of aprons, shirts, trousers, hats, neck scarves, etc. in various designs as well as standard kitchen clothes and disinfected overgarments.

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