Advanced Coffee Gears

[INQ. NO. 1705C81] In 2013, Beanscorp Co., Ltd. was founded by group of overseas sales and marketing experts and mechanical engineers with the vision of becoming green and progressive coffee equipment specialists.
Its first product, Cafflano® Klassic, has won six renowned international awards since its commercial launch and the second product, Cafflano® Kompact, again won the Best New Consumer Product Award from SCAE 2016 Dublin, which gained Beanscorp SCAE’s best new product awards two years in a row. Having three global branches in the United Kingdom, the United States and China, Cafflano® products are being sold in over 70 countries globally. Cafflano® Klassic has combined all the functions of the existing drip kettle, ceramic hand-mill, etched stainless filter, dripper and tumbler − and designed it to be assembled into a single vessel to ensure maximum portability. Furthermore, its price is much cheaper than purchasing reasonable quality brewing kits that are normally too bulky to carry.
Many types of coffee press are available on the market, but few can be categorized as innovative or portable coffee makers. Cafflano® Kompact is designed for maximum portability and are much easier to use than existing coffee makers.
Its height is only 70mm (2.75in) when folded with a weight of 240g (0.5lb). Its food-grade silicon Bellows Chamber (melting point: 220°C/428°F) ensures hassle-free pressing with zero-friction and allows dual brewing modes (press & squeeze) so anyone can press to brew without difficulty. Its leak- free Airlock enables Cold Brew on-the-go and the etched micro stainless filter removed the need for paper filters. Last but not least, all parts of Cafflano® Kompact can be detached and are dishwasher-safe. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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