Air Inflatable Lounger[INQ. NO. 1705C82] Casfel is the original brand of the world’s first one-hole airbed designed and shipped from California. Casfel’s AirLux incorporates innovation and advancement in air inflatable know-how. It represents a proficiency and expertise in product development with a conscious effort to reflect fashion and style.
While other products have two air intakes, making inflation confusing and cumbersome, All Casfel products are created with one air intake, thus reducing confusion and prolonging the longevity of holding air inside the product.
Incorporating fashion and style into product use, AirLux’s two-tone design serves both fashion and function. One side has a hidden integrated pocket allowing the user to store things while using the product. Unlike other products, you’ll never have to worry about losing the carrier bag. All Casfel products include our exclusive carrier bag design that connects the bag directly onto the product.
Enhanced design elements provide for greater stability, longer air retention and enriched comfort. A distinguishable wider base increases the AirLux’s ability to keep balance, while its distinctively contoured headrest provides support for your head and neck. Made with composite materials (the type used to make parachutes and hot air balloons) and novel cohesive components, the AirLux’s hand stitched craftsmanship allows the AirLux to retain air for an extended period of time; allowing it to be used on various terrain and support greater weight capacity. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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