Dust Filter Mask for Outdoor Activities

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1705C87] Vertexkorea Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of masks for automobile workers and outdoor activities. In 2008, it developed a mask with a removable mask cover (bandana) to protect the health of outdoor workers from UV rays and air pollutants during outdoor activities after a two-year development process.
CYBOWING dust filter mask is a mask that will help prevent fogging on glasses and goggles when used with the mouth piece. It filters up to 0.3-micron size fine dust particles. It provides maximum protection for people who are exposed to outdoor air pollution. It can help prevent respiratory disease caused by air contaminants such as fine dust, pollen, engine exhaust and even ultraviolet rays when used with the scarf.
Cybowing has an air cushion pad that helps the mask to be wrapped around your face to give you maximum protection from the dust particles. Cybowing comes with two easily detachable and replaceable filters that can filter up to 0.3-micron size contaminants in the air and can be reused over and over.
Cybowing also comes with a detachable mouthpiece attached to the one-way valve. Breathing in, the valve closes so that the air comes through the 0.3 filter medium and the valve opens up when breathing out so the air will circulate quicker.

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