Eco-friendly Air Freshener[INQ. NO. 1705C64] SanKeuMi is a 100% natural deodorant that removes odors and harmful substances by using natural materials obtained from nature. Unlike other chemical air fresheners that cover odor with artificial fragrance, it cleans the air by adsorbing and decomposing odors. Produced by Clean Café, SanKeuMi is an environmentally friendly deodorant made with natural materials such as herbal extracts. The principle of operation is simple – to release bio-energy with natural mycelial culture extract from mushroom culture and Oriental herb extract into the air. Then far-infrared rays are emitted to remove odors and purify the air.
Fragrance-free and odorless, this product can be used to remove odors from the refrigerator, automobile, toilet, and tobacco odors, etc. The result of a test conducted by the Korea Apparel Testing Research Institute (KATRI) shows that by using SanKeuMi, ammonia was removed by over 99% and formaldehyde over 95% for the duration of two hours. The product also adopts aesthetic designs with the support of the Seoul Design Foundation and Gangnam-gu Office. In addition to eliminating bad odors by using High Clean Power technology, it is also effective for air purification and moisture removal. SanKeuMi comes in two types – attaching type and spray type.
The biggest advantage of SanKeuMi is that it is harmless to the human body since it is made from natural materials and the exterior of the product is made of non-toxic materials to block the release of environmental hormones. It is also not dangerous for children or infants to touch. Small in size and light-weight, it is easy to install and requires minimum space. It can be attached right to the wall with the double-sided sticker included in the package. SanKeuMi can be used for six months after opening. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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