Electric Foot Massager

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1705C67] There are about 51 capillaries in the human body. About 60% of them are concentrated in the feet and are therefore referred to as the “second heart” indicating how important the feet are in our bodily health.
Forget all the complaints one hears about foot massagers that are currently available in the market. Health Boy Leg Foot Massager produced by Doctor-I Co., Ltd. presses, tightens, and rubs from toes to calves as if one were receiving a hand-massage from a chiropractor. With Health Boy, one can massage various areas including the feet, toes, soles, heels, and calves, anytime and anywhere.
It massages in three levels of strength and is equipped with an automatic selection mode, a 15-minute timer for safety, and a warm or cool air massage function.
Its pneumatic pockets relieve swollen calves with the pockets on the foot and the rotating roller on the sole providing acupressure effects. The zipper and the handle contribute to easy handling.
Other products of Doctor-I include Moonwalk – a dry leg sauna machine made of 200-year-old redwood and a special heater (black disc). With this product, one can enjoy a lower-body bathing and sauna with your clothes on.
Health Boy Workout Machine is fitness equipment that enables the user to do workouts easily by lifting the body up in various postures. It is powerful aerobic exercise equipment that facilitates working out and weight loss.

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