Fast Mini Bicycle[INQ. NO. 1705C85] The luxurious mini bike Qycle is 85 cm long, half the length of a regular bicycle, which is about 170 cm long. With patented acceleration gears, on the other hand, its speed is more than 30% faster than a regular bicycle.
Qycle’s five wheels ensure safe riding with a system that automatically changes wheels in the case of riding over a small stone or other obstacles.
Ordinary bicycles have wheels with air-filled tires carrying the weight of the rider and helping to develop the thigh muscles, whereas Qycle is equipped with urethane solid rubber tires without air, thus having various benefits from body massage effect of the rubber wheels such as activating vital organs, preventing abdominal fat, building thigh and leg muscles as well as carrying the body weight. Especially when one feels bloated after eating, riding Qycle on a paved sidewalk for about five minutes at low speed causes the rider to break wind promoting instant digestion. Qycle is produced using die casting, an expensive metal-casting process without welding.
While ordinary bicycles are difficult to load in vehicles, Qycle is lightweight, weighing just 13 kg, so people of all the ages can easily lift it in and out of the trunk. Only 85cm long, one to three Qycles can be loaded in the trunk of a passenger car, and four to six in an SUV, thus enabling the whole family to enjoy riding outdoors together. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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