Handmade Solid Perfume

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1705C76] As a young start-up company, The Pauline is a handmade brand that develops a wide range of incense products. It manufactures and supplies through the online and offline stores dress perfumes for bedding, clothes, wardrobe, and shoe box, the Cotton Sache for vehicles and toilet, and the Soy Candle that can be used to remove moisture and deodorize as well as solid perfumes that are easy to carry or use when commuting, on business trips, and traveling.
In particular, THEPAULINE handmade solid perfume can be an excellent substitute for hair balm, body balm, and cuticle oil, and is easy to carry. Unlike alcohol-based liquid perfumes, this product releases fragrance consistently and can be used anytime and anywhere since there is no risk of breaking the container. Also, it is made with shea butter and vegetable oil, so is not tacky. It can be applied to the wrists, behind the ears, or pulse points.
THEPAULINE solid perfume is made from nature-friendly material. Due to its high oil content, the fragrance lasts for more than six hours. It is effective for skin moisturization thanks to the organic shea butter and vegetable oil contained it. Unlike liquid perfumes, there is no wasted aroma in the air, and the fragrance lasts long with only a small amount. It has excellent quality and practicality. Using the oil base, it diffuses slowly and smoothly. When applied on the elbows or nail cuticles, one can experience the moisturizing effect. Shea butter can be used to remove tackiness and by combining various scents, one can create one’s own signature fragrance.
THEPAULINE handmade fiber perfume provides a deodorizing effect with 99.6% removal when used on bedding, clothing, and so on. Other products of the company include Soy Candle, Gold Cluster, and Diffuser as well as Cotton Sachet for closets and vehicles.

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