K-Food Expo 2017

http://korean-products.com/inquiryK-Food Expo 2017 and Daegu Food Tour Expo 2017 will be held together from June 8 to 11, 2017. Under the theme of “Daegu Food for the World,” this event will showcase a variety of new food products, such as processing and functional foods, traditional imported liquor and local specialties, and will provide the latest industry information including the diverse food culture of Daegu.
K-Food Expo 2017 will feature “Invitation by Michelin Star Chefs,” a new program in which visitors will experience foods prepared by world-famous chefs. There will also be a variety of 1:1 purchase and export consultations to provide the ideal marketing opportunities such as securing the domestic and foreign markets, keeping up to date with the latest information on the food industry, enhancing competitiveness, and creating new business outlets
Furthermore, there will be various accompanying events such as food shows presented by participants from foreign countries, a noodle show, and high-standard lectures and food courses. Other customized unit events include Food Hygiene Training for Daegu City and Gyeongbuk Province catering nutritionists (Daegu and Gyeongbuk Dietetic Association), Food Hygiene Training for Normal Restaurant Existing Concessionaires (Korea Food Service Association), Food Hygiene Training for Food Industry (Korea Food Industry Association), Food Hygiene Training for Restaurant Industry existing concessionaires (Korea Foodservice Industry Association.

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