Mask Packs for Diverse Uses

[INQ. NO. 1705C78] Most of the existing cosmetics have been developed with an emphasis on caring for only the visible parts of the face. Recently, however, modern women are paying much more attention and care to look after the invisible aspects of the face as well. Unfortunately, not many cosmetics meet this new demand.

IMFACE™ is loved by many women who pursue the value of fine beauty as it provides a convenient total mask pack solution from head to toe, including for the hair, neck, hands, feet, and nails, as well as the face. The history of IMFACE™ dates back to the 1990s. Nah Eun-suk, CEO and founder of E.Z Costec Co., Ltd., who had been struggling to diversify her mask packs, was inspired by the popularity of nail products in Japan in the late 1990s during her casual visit to the country, and envisioned various possibilities to divesify from the existing cosmetics that were all face-oriented. That idea resulted in her efforts to materialize actual products.
E.Z Costec is the only OEM supplier in Korea that runs its own BIO-Cellulose manufacturing facility in Vietnam. Its major business covers ODM & OEM for sheet mask packs, shaped pouch packs, and hand & foot mask packs. The company has obtained patents for some of its items and technologies and has been intensifying its core competences in technologies including an auto filling machine, a new trend in equipment resulting from intensive R&D and investment activities.
IMFACE ™ is not just a mask pack limited only to the face, but rather a specialized product that caters to every area that can make a woman look more beautiful, from the hair to the scalp. It can be used on highly sensitive, vulnerable skin as it does not contain any ingredients harmful to the skin such as parabens, known as carcinogenic substances, benzophenone, and sulfite while containing mild natural plant extracts. IMFACE™ gives customers satisfaction and a feeling that not only their faces, but also other areas of concern are taken care of with exclusive and professional care, thus enabling them to express their best self and realize their physical and emotional beauty. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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