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http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1705C68] ENPELLE, Inc., a cosmetics manufacturer, has developed the Optimal Mineral Formula (OMF) mineral solution specifically designed for mineral balance in the skin, which is the culmination of over three-year-long dermatological studies and research. OMF is an optimized mineral solution to balance the skin. Products containing OMF solution are effective not only for troubled skin but also for general skin while keeping the skin clean and bright. OMF solution consists of only natural minerals that are essential to the skin, and with low irritation, it helps to soothe sensitive skin. In addition, it balances the skin to become healthy and clear.
The company’s skincare brand ENPELLE is a product specially developed for sensitive and troublesome skin. Unlike ordinary cosmetics, it focuses on mineral balance in the skin. If the mineral balance of the skin breaks down, the health of the skin worsens, and the skin may become sensitive to minor irritation or skin trouble might occur.
It excludes harmful substances such as chemical preservatives including paraben, petroleum based minerals that disturb skin respiration, and irritant surfactants that stimulate the skin barriers while seeking to provide protection through an optimal prescription for a skin condition.
All products have been approved for skin safety through strict clinical testing to evaluate the skin irritation by IEC Korea, a member of the Institution of Expertise Clinique (IEC), a prominent skin testing institute in France. Being shared with the expertise in clinical evaluation established in France for 20 years, IEC Korea’s skin irritation test has been widely recognized under the supervision of a professional dermatologist.
Without any sensational advertising, the brand is growing rapidly by word-of-mouth, and customers using ENPELLE say their skin condition has drastically improved within a month or two after using this product.

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