Modernized & Casual Hanbok (Traditional Korean Dress)[INQ. NO. 1705C77] DailyHan, produced by West Circle Corporation is a casual Hanbok brand, a reinterpretation of Hanbok that is rather cumbersome to wear by adopting modern and casual design while maintaining the elegance of traditional style so that one can take it out and easily wear it for everyday attire. DailyHan is a combined word of “daily look” and “Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing).”
Since first introduced in 2015, the brand has been steadily growing based on its unique designs and stable qualities. As the Hallyu (Korean Wave) cultural movement flourishes, it has gained great popularity as a new Korean-style brand throughout Korean communities in Japan, China, Canada, and Hawaii, etc.
DailyHan products have been transformed casually in modern materials such as cotton, linen, polyester, and rayon which are not used in traditional Hanbok − while borrowing motifs from the composition, shape, and characteristic details of traditional styles. Unlike conventional Hanbok, that is hand-made from the design stage to the completion of the product, DailyHan is manufactured using factory production lines in order that it can be provided at very reasonable prices. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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