New Concept Sun Shield for Glass[INQ. NO. 1705C70] Consumers’ interest in the environment and health is growing rapidly and their desire for DIY products is higher than ever. Sun Shield produced by G&I Solution Co., Ltd. meets all these needs. G&I Solution is an R&D-oriented company established to research and develop creative and innovative manufacturing solutions.
Sunshield is a paint-like sunscreen that is painted on the glass surface by using a roller. It helps effectively maintain room temperature using rollers to paint when cooling or heating the home or office. It is a product that is particularly useful for large buildings with many windows, public buildings, schools, factories, etc.
Sun Shield allows the visible light coming into the room through windows to maintain a bright indoors and blocks solar energy, near infrared rays, and ultraviolet rays maximizing the energy-saving potential while the air conditioner is on. When the coating liquid is put on the roller and applied to the window like paint, a coating film is formed. In the winter time when warm solar energy is needed, it can be easily removed simply by spraying water.
Depending on the model, the Sun Shield has the same effect as an opaque ground glass or sun-shielding sheet, thus protecting one’s privacy without curtains or blinds.
The Sunshield Air for winter, an upcoming new model, will be helpful in saving heating energy consumption in the winter as the thin glass coating makes the glass over 3 mm thicker. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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