Patented Tooth-Whitening Kit[INQ. NO. 1705C66] As we grow older, our teeth turn yellow with pigmentation. The teeth thus need continuous care and treatment, like the skin.
Dent-White Co., Ltd. is a company founded in 2013 by dentists and professors of the Seoul National University to develop oral care products to treat tooth decay, periodontal disease, and for whitening. The company’s Lutooth Tooth Whitening Premium Kit is a technology-intensive product with four patents and the only product in the world to adopt a high-performance photocatalyst and visible light irradiator used in dentistry. The high-performance photocatalyst developed by the Seoul National University Dental Hospital is estimated to be over five times more effective than conventional whitening agents.
It can be conveniently used at home with the photocatalyst that promotes tooth whitening effects and a visible light irradiator. One can experience a high tooth whitening effect as in dentistry. The existing DIY tooth whitening products are inexpensive but less effective. Lutooth, however, shows powerful whitening effects within just five minutes by using the high-performance photocatalyst.
In a recent clinical trial in a university hospital, it has been proven to be safe with no side effects such as aching gums while showing the five-level tooth whitening effects based on VITA. When used for one hour, the same as in dental clinics. Lutooth is even more effective than ZOOM2, a well-known whitening product. When applied to teeth by using the whitening pen, it shows a whitening effect as high as 5.0 based on Vita classical shade guide within one hour.
In addition, the donut-shaped visible light irradiator for home transmits the light to the inside of the teeth using the mirror box as a whitening promoter, and achieves an effect as powerful as light irradiators for professionals. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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