Safe & Comfortable Cotton Tent[INQ. NO. 1705C80] ANUK is a manufacturer specializing in cotton tents and cotton tarpaulins. It has developed an eco-friendly 100% cotton fabric during its five years of research with references from U.S. military fabrics and British raincoats. ANUK is a breathing tent with no dew condensation with cooler summers and warmer winters; a safe tent that does not release toxic gas in case of fire (optional); an anti-fungal treated tent (optional); an ergonomic design focusing on the aesthetics; and an eco-friendly tent for children, pets and nature to breathe together − and all of this is possible only with ANUK tents.
It is outstanding in color wash fastness, rub fastness, and light-fastness (grade 4-5). It has excellent ventilation and comfort compared to polyester, nylon or mixed spinning and is free of lead, cadmium, and other hazardous substances known to cause cancer. Water-repellent and easily ventilated, almost never causing condensation on the interior, ANUK tents are made without using a conventional fluorine-based water-repellent, but rather with an eco-friendly, harmless, fluorine-free water-repellent. Fluorine-free water-repellent provides durable water repellency to cotton fabric created by ANUK.
ANUK’s flame-resistant features continue even in rain (test report 15~20) and maintain its functions up to 70%~80% after washing. In addition, ANUK’s tents burn the way paper does: the smell and smoke have similar qualities. In the case of polyester or nylon tents, they catch fire and it spread rapidly to produce poisonous gas while burning. Its burnt material melts like wax and tends to adhere to the skin. When in contact with water, the thread will expand, covering all sewing areas while preventing water from leaking into the inside. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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